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Sales and a new venture

It’s been a good few weeks in terms of sales of my works. I sold a few stickers on redbubble, which is great. But even more exciting is that I sold two framed photographs locally. I sold Hill End Church

and Autumn by the Lake

It’s very humbling to know people enjoy my photographs enough to buy them. Thank you very much to the buyers.

I’ve also decided to sell my photography and art at a local market in a couple of months. I’m getting together some more framed prints, some calendars and blank greeting cards to sell, as well as taking along some of my artworks. This will be the first time I’ve had a stall at a fete so will be interesting to see how it goes. If you’re in Orange NSW on Sunday 18 September, be sure to come and say g’day
Have a great day


Selling online

I’ve decided to test out a new site to sell some of my artworks/photography. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so I checked out the site and costs etc yesterday and signed up.  The site I have chosen is:


From their website-

What Is Etsy?

Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.

Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice:

Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.

So far I’ve got my framed photographs in my shop, but am planning to put on my art, paper crafts, upcycled works, and maybe even some of my Nan’s knitted scarves.

The site looks good. There is a huge variety of items for sale, from jewellery to light shades made from vintage vases. There are some very talented people around. Here’s hoping my talents don’t get lost amongst the rest and that someone decides to purchase one or more of my items

Here is my shops address. Feel free to have a look around and share with your friends. WaWa by Johnah-  I am still keeping my RedBubble site, the etsy one is more for my work I make at home or get printed locally.

Have an awesome day

Wawa by Johnah

Magnificent Sheep

Walking the Line I love sheep, especially lambs. They are such carefree animals, just wandering paddocks, munching on grass. I lived on a property one that was a mixed farm- half orchards, half sheep. It was great to wander the paddocks and just sit and watch the sheep interacting. It was even better in Spring when the lambs were being born. It was an amazing sight to see mum go in to labour, give birth to a baby lamb, and watch the lamb take its first steps. During that year there was an unusually high number of twins born, so watching two lambs coming into the world was spectacular. I just wish I’d had a digital camera back then to photograph the cute lambs. The photo on the right is one I took whilst at a farm stay holiday in the middle of the drought. The farmer was trying to be a bit more self-sufficient and grow his own feed for the livestock- hence the green field in the background.

Did you know that lambs play together? I didn’t. I don’t know what I thought they did all day long but watching the lambs grow up, I noticed that they all played together and when it was feed time, mum would call them and they would run to her. It was like they were at school- frolicking around carefree with their mates, until home time when they went with mum.

I found a page on a photoblog dedicated to sheep that brought back those memories of living on the farm. I thought I’d share it- Magnificent Sheep. I like ‘A chorus line’ by Nico the best out of all of them. Reminds me of my time on the farm and how the sheep looked at me whenever I tried to take their photograph.

Have a great day


I love looking at other people’s photoblogs for ideas, tutorials, inspiration and just to see some fantastic photography. I stumbled across a blog called, of all things, which is a list of photoblogs. You can choose which country you’d like to search through, I’ve picked Australia for the link, or just go worldwide. There are pages of links, so this will be a site I frequent.

There is also a weekly photo challenge, photoblog ranking system and photoblog awards. I have registered, waiting for approval, so will check out the weekly challenges too.

Hope you enjoy looking through the blogs as much as I am.

Have a great day

A Challenge

A fellow photographer shared a link on facebook this morning. It’s to a page with a tutorial on HDTR. HDTR means High Dynamic Time Range Photography, the basic concept is to create a photo that shows different states of the same scene as time passed.

Looks interesting and something I could do, now it’s too cold for me to venture outside (yes, I am a bit of a wimp!). I might start with my first attempt being taken from my front window. I don’t know about trying it today though. It is overcast and the light won’t change much throughout the day, so maybe over the weekend.

If you are interested in finding out further information, here is the link to the blog- HDTR Photography. If you do decide to have a go, feel free to share your images in the comments section. I’ll upload my shots when I have some.

Have a great day

I got some of my favourite photographs printed and framed. They look awesome so I got a few extras done and they are up for sale, direct from the photographer, me! Please have a look through the gallery, click on the image you like and you can see the price. Frame size for all images is 400mmx320mm. If you would like to purchase the photograph, please email me with the name of the photograph at and I will send an invoice.

All original photographs. Direct from Photographer. Many more images available. Email me direct for catalogue-