I haven’t been updating this blog of late as I’ve been working on some new projects to sell at a fete I’m off to next weekend.

I saw a tutorial for Japanese origami kusudama balls on a website and decided I’d make one. I used newspaper and folded the individual petals for the first flower and then glued them together. It looked good, so I continued and made another eleven, the amount required to create a complete kusudama ball. It wasn’t until the last one that I realised I had put an extra petal in every one of my flowers, so they wouldn’t fit together properly to make the ball I had intented to create.

No worries, I actually liked them as single flower anyway. But I wasn’t a big fan of the newspaper look. Nothing a bit of silver spray paint wouldn’t fix. I tested it with one, and liked the result so sprayed the rest. I then used some wire and black raffia to make a stem for each flower, put it in place and was happy with the end product. Well that was until I saw some black and chrome coloured rhinestones in the craft section at a local shop. Bought one packet, took them home and tried them out as the flower centre. Perfect!

I am very happy about how they turned out. I’ve got some to sell at the markets and have also put them up for sale on my etsy store as well- Kusudama Flowers. I think they’d also look good in gold, and I’m open to custom colours, if you have a different preference. Just send me an email to wawabyjohnah@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do. I hope you like these flowers as much as I do.

Have an awesome weekend. Catch you later