WaWa by Johnah is me, Sarah Donoghue. WaWa stands for Wall and Wearable Art and Johnah is a nickname I have had since a kid.

I am a photographer, artist and designer and a musician, soccer player and writer. But out of all of these my main passion is photography. I have been interested in photography as long as I can remember.  My first camera was a little pink point and shoot film camera that I recall taking many a holiday snap with on family trips as a kid.  I think I nearly sent my parents broke due to processing costs!  When I got to choose electives at high school, my first choice was photography and I studied it all the way through from Year 8 to my HSC years. I came first all but one year and received a prestigeous award at school in Year 12 for my photography.

My photographing slowed down whilst I was at uni. I was one of the ‘poor’ uni students and spent all my money on uni fees, text books and petrol to get to uni. I didn’t have any spare for photography.  I hated this but was too busy writing essays and doing research projects anyway.  Soon after uni though, when I started to earn a decent wage, I saved up an purchased my first DSLR camera, the same one I use today. The digital age has rekindled my love of photography and I have thousands of images stored on harddrives and CDs, ready to be processed and printed.

I have now sold my photography, art and t-shirts all over the world and have won a few awards along the way.  I was a finalist in an international photography competition in 2011.