Thanks for taking the time to look.  I truely appreciate it.

A little about me.  I’m Sarah Donoghue also known as Johnah and I’m a photographer, artist and designer (amongst other things).  My main passion is photography and my family and friends often get neglected, or left to sit around and wait for me, when I find a unique tree, beautiful flower, stunning landscape or something else interesting to photograph.


The main subject of my photography is flowers.  I enjoy their beauty, complexness, bold colours, stricking features. I could spend every minute of every day admiring and photographing flowers. So many of the shots you see in my blog will be of flowers. My all time favourite flower photo I have taken is called “Explosion”. I’ve won numerous prizes and sold a number of copies of this photograph and I have it hanging proudly in my living room.

My next lens I purchase will be a macro lens. I have always enjoyed macro photography. I remember as a teenager at high school borrowing a friends macro lens and thoughouly loving it. And it goes hand in hand with floral photography. Getting close in on all the wonderful details, the pollen on the stamens, the texture of petals, the tiny insect crawling within the flower that is almost invinsible to the naked eye. Well having said that, I think I’d better head outside and start shooting. The lighting is pretty good today and it rained last night so there should be plenty of water drops around to photograph as well. So I will catch you later.

Have the best day ever